2. ntl87:


    "WW" and "Bitch" - Illustrations by Sam Spratt

    With Breaking Bad coming to a close tonight, I wanted to finally give my painting of Jesse “Bitch”, its Walter White companion piece.

    To infinity and beyond to one of the best tv characters that ever existed. Thank you Vincent and the cast and crew for the great journey.

    Nice work, art and show.

  3. littlebigdetails:

    8-bitty - The mobile menu icon animates into a game of pong when pressed.

    /via DominicWhittle

  4. Darth Vader

  5. Chilling at my friend’s roof top cookout taking few cool pictures.

  6. Taking a few pictures at my friend’s roof top cook out during sunset. Such a great view and beautiful sky as the sun started to set,

  7. A few cool picture of my neighborhood in Bedstuy Brooklyn.  

  8. The  moon during the day

  9. One night I left work and there’re fireworks going off.